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Less than a week after I discovered Gently, I found two pieces I had been searching months for - without any of the stress or time.
Input Mag
Ok wow this tool is everything I've ever wanted... everyone else should try it too, yay resale!
Allie E.
I have to share with this Facebook group! I found this site and was able to find a Gal Meets Glam dress I really wanted because of it!
Ashely M.
Connected me with a great shirt that I'm super excited to wear!

(2 weeks later) Loving your site! Just picked up another shirt!
Chase K.
I received my first alert within an hour of signing up and spent $1,000 because the listings were that good.
Ruth R.
I just made my first purchase via Gently and I am genuinely impressed with the product. Within 24h, got a link to a NWT listing in my preferred size/color.